Embark on a Transformative European Business Expedition: Discover, Immerse, Innovate in the Basque Country. 


Calling all entrepreneurs, business leaders, and companies! Get ready for a remarkable journey that combines the best of business discovery, culture immersion, and innovation workshops – the European Business Expedition in the captivating Basque Country.

The Basque Country is a unique region in Northern Spain with its own distinctive culture, identity, cuisine, and language. 

Basque Country is one the most industrialized regions of Europe, with one of the highest density of research and development centers. 

Basque country is known as a knowledge based society moving from nanotechnology centers to marine research, first university university in the world in Gastronomy. 

Notably, it holds the distinction of having the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants and wineries in the world. 

Euskara, the Basque language, is one of the oldest languages in the world and is still spoken by many Basque people today.

Additionally, it boasts the prestigious Mondragon Corporation, the largest cooperative globally, and is home to the Guggenheim and Balenciaga museums, as well as the Marques del Riscal Winery, all of which were architecturally envisioned by the renowned Frank Gehry.

Moreover, the Basque Country is known for its innovative educational models, such as the Mondragon Team Academy, Arizmendi School, and Amaraberri model. 


Main Goals: 

_Learn about the Basque innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

_Learn about the Basque an international cooperative model through the Mondragon experience.

_Learn about the educational model of MTA for the promotion of entrepreneurship.

_Get to know the culture of the Basque Country.

_Find synergies between both countries.

_Understand one of the most advanced Industry 4.0 regions of Europe. 


Learning Ingredients: 

_COMPANY VISITS. Exploration and inspiration visits in order to see how the ecosystem of the Basque Country and specially Mondragon Group works.

_LEARNING ECOSYSTEM. Total immersion in the MTA learning ecosystem, in order to experiment the reality of this new learning method.

_DIALOGUE SESSIONS. Sharing spaces to discuss learnings, concerns and observations within the team, accompanied by a team coach/facilitator.

_WORKSHOP SESSIONS. The group will have creation sessions with experts from Mondragon Team Academy  to start the design phase.


Are you ready to join the European Business Expedition and embark on this transformative journey of discovery, culture immersion, and innovation? Secure your spot today and set your business on a course for success in the dynamic European landscape.

Possibility of adding Madrid and Barcelona to your business expedition. 


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