We create and apply knowledge into practice

mixing the latest trends with our 4 knowledge areas. We are able to support, follow up with
and help those companies that are willing to improve


people & teams

We train people and teams offering technological and innovative competences in a transversal way. 



We drive your business through innovation processes, offering new paradigms to the detected needs.. 



Through prototypes, technology, spaces and interactive solutions.


branding & visual communication

We offer all kinds of graphic solutions to facilitate internal and external communication through visual thinking. 

The constant connection
between the 4
areas of knowledge 
ensures the creation
of a unique project

The Adventure of Making
(Big Bilbao)

We promote a project under development with BIG Bilbao whose objective is to promote entrepreneurial skills and their skills among the youngest. 

Participatory Asembly
(Ulma Architectural)

We use participatory methodology and visual thinking to generate a collaborative environment in which to reconnect with values and generate constructive attitudes. 

The pedagogy of trust
(Arizmendi ikastola)

We implement the methodology "Pedagogy of Trust" in order to achieve a common vision among teachers to ensure its correct application in the classroom. 

(Andalusia Goverment)

We created and developed a guide, in digital format, that helps anyone working in the public sector understand what innovation is and how it is promoted in practice. 

Think Tank
(Council of Gipuzkoa)

Together with LKS we generate dynamics and methodologies that allow us to optimize the results of the meetings organized by The Regional Council of Gipuzkoa. A space where groups of influential people from different areas create strategies for territory development and the future.


We make single-family housing projects under the PassivHaus standard. In this way, high energy efficiency of the building is guaranteed, as well as a high interior comfort and quality.

750 anniversary
(Town hall of Bergara)

We designed and executed the assembly of a temporary historical exhibition to mark the 750th anniversary of the population of Bergara. We formulate your space and experience, as well as visual materials. 

good hostel
Bilbao Good Hostel
(Lantegi Batuak)

We define and apply the new digital corporate image of the Bilbao BBK Good Hostel through a new communication plan with its own digital strategy and the redesign of its website.